Advanced Compost is available in bulk loads for pickup or delivery, our compost is deep rich brown, light weight, 100% organic material that is weed free and odourless. It contains more than double the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, and a fraction of the amount of volatile, plant burning Ammonia when compared to regular composted cattle manure. All the fertility is stabilized so there is no leaching or other loss of nutrients during transportation, storage or after spreading. Analysis is available on request.


Cubic Foot: $5.00*

Cubic Yard: $95.00*

Cubic Yard: $125*

Weight restrictions allow us a maximum of 3 cubic yards per load. Multiple loads can be ordered if requiring more than 3 cubic yards. Deliveries outside of our area will be calculated per location.

Wilmot: $30.00*
Kitchener: $40.00*
Waterloo / Cambridge / Stratford: $50.00*
Woodstock / Guelph / Elmira: $60.00*

Anyone wishing to visit our farm to pick up their order is welcome to do so with their own containers, trucks, or trailers. Our bags (800lb) can also be loaded onto your truck or trailer. Calling ahead is encouraged to ensure prompt service. Our Pickup Order days are Wednesday & Saturday from 10am – 4:30pm.

*HST not included. All prices subject to HST.

Best compost in Waterloo Region


We have constructed a High Temperature, High Volume, continuous flow composter for cattle manure. The internal temperature of the manure is 165°F and the composting process is completed in 12 days. The addition of air (oxygen) hourly and daily mixing enhances the rapid composting.

A naturally occurring mineral Biolite is added during composting in order to retain more of the valuable nitrogen and to reduce acidity.

The volume is reduced by 45% to reduce handling costs and increase the concentration of the fertilizing nutrients.

Nitrogen is converted to a stable form that is always available to the plants and not lost due to leaching or freezing.

The rapid composting reduces the fertilizer nutrient loss that occurs with natural composting usually taking more than a year.


The high temperature ensures the destruction of all weed seeds. The spread of weed seeds has become more serious since grain is now being moved great distances and this increased the rapid weed spread.

Greenhouse gases (methane, N₂0, H₂S and other noxious gases) are reduced to almost zero because composting is an aerobic process. Methane is 21 times and N₂O, 296 times more potent as greenhouse gases than CO₂.

The increasing cost of natural gas has increased the cost of nitrogen fertilizer which makes this product more valuable.

Drying or freezing of the compost after application to the soil does not release the nitrogen to the atmosphere. This happens with normal manure.

Nitrogen loss to the atmosphere as Ammonia is reduced by 66% and the Nitrogen is fixed as a stable compound.

It is illegal in most areas to spread manure on frozen ground so this waste is usually stored until spring in large piles where anaerobic decomposition takes place. This produces large amounts of noxious greenhouse gas. Since composting is aerobic, none of these gases are produced and the product is stable during storage.